Discoveries in Gudiyatam – 1500 BCE-1700 CE.

A brief summary….this is a peer reviewed article. It has following sections, Epigraph, Herostone, Prehistoric dolmen.

Hero stone: Sembedu: an unusual hero stone that is seven feet breath-wise. It discovered by Mahendran in the year 2013herostone. He also unravelled the legend of Gundalamma associated with the herostone.

Hero stone of Sembedu

Prehistoric dolmens: in the village of Poongulam on a table mountain. He undertook three expeditions, 2010- 2013, each lasting three days. Fifteen dolmens in good shape were discovered. More than hundred photographs were taken and recorded nearly two hours of video.  

Epigraph: he came across this epigraph in the year 2011. He undertook its study,  Interpretation and analysis in 2015-2016. An e-stampage impression was taken. It is about a land grant given by a local chieftain to a nearby temple. The external boundaries of the land is described with land marks in the four directions. It is dated by experts at early 1700 CE.