New Rock Art Find In Tamilnadu

This is an article about new rock art sites discovered by the author Mr. Mahendran Nathavattam. It consists of cave art and a stand-alone boulder art in the Pogalur hills of Gudiyattam. The objects portrayed include both men and animals and birds too. Among animals are included mostly bovine, sheep, donkeys, foxes, and dogs. In both the sites, the painting is in white ochre, which is an indication of the early iron – age.

Five megalith dolmens are also shown in the photographs. The article is accompanied by ten photo plates. The author has dwelt on the implied psychological aspects underlying the art and the prehistoric psyche of man particularly on the reasons of the choice of subjects for portrayal.

It was published in the year 2015.

It is a ten volume encyclopedia.

The above article is in the 5th volume.

Published by B.R. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi.